Monday Motivation

So it’s currently 1.43am and I can’t sleep so I wanted to come on here and talk about motivation. Random I know but seen as it’s already Monday. I thought why not, might help me clear my mind so I can sleep.
Motivation is hard to achieve and to maintain, I struggle with it a lot. Especially during lockdown, it’s hard to work yourself up to do something. But there have been a few things that have helped me along the way. I’ll share them below so hopefully you’ll be able to implement them into your day.

But first lets dive into the meaning of motivation a bit more. Motivation is a word derived from motive, which mean your needs, desires, wants or drive within an individual. It’s a process to stimulate people to actions to accomplish goals. So why do so many of us struggle with it then? Seems straight forward when you read a description of it. I believe there are many key factors and below I’m going to write a few steps you can take to help with your own motivation.

Step One – Setting out a clear goal. I think it’s always important to have a clear goal set, and to visualise it. Write it down, say it out loud. Make yourself believe that you can achieve it! Create a simple visulisation board, it doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, I love Michelle Lewin, I think her body is phenomenal so she’s a picture I have on a board in my room. She’s my motivation to want to look amazing. It reminds me not to slack off, and shows me that it’s possible. That’s my motivation for training sorted. I love following inspiration people on social media, it motivates me to want to be the best version of myself. So step one visualise your goal.

Step Two – When you wake up in the morning, set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. Spend that extra 10 minutes on yourself, whether it’s reading a book, meditation, yoga anything that helps you set a strong mindset for the day, where you can dedicate just a short amount of time to motivate you to reach your goals.

Step Three – Don’t let your negative thoughts ruin your day. It’s easier said than done, but practice being positive. Sounds strange I know, but seriously its a thing. Instead of thinking, ‘I already know I’m going to have a bad day’ change it around. say ‘I’m going to make this best out of this day.’ Focus on tackling your problems but remaining as positive as you can. If you already tell yourself your days going to be bad it will! Practice positive affirmations. Affirmations mean to use positive sentences that you repeat to yourself to build up your own self-belief. You can repeat them to yourself out loud, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, write them down. If you get stuck, use google. It’s not cheating, it can be hard to start with, but you’ll get the hang of it. Design them to reflect what you want to be true and use the time to be grateful for what you already have. Give it a go!

Step Four – Self belief. This one is a biggie. It ties into keeping positive. Believing in yourself can be one of the toughest things for some people and it’s okay to doubt yourself. But it’s learning to trust yourself, to know what you’re doing is right for you and for others around you. It’s pushing yourself to heights that you’d normally be scared of. We create our own fears, and it’s time to push those fears out of our heads and pursue what you really want. For you it might be dropping a dress size, it might be progressing in your career. Whatever it is trust yourself. It all ties in to that big ‘C’ word again. Confidence. Once you build your confidence and self-belief up you can achieve anything.

Step Five – Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. With all the tips above I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. There are so many things you can read up on for motivation, but as soon as you read it you can set it and then stress about actually doing it. So stop…take a breath…rub your ears and say whoosa if it really helps and just take one small step at a time. Don’t start demotivating yourself from your motivation. Everything takes time and don’t be scared a lot of people are in the same boat as you. Find someone to help you through if you find that beneficial. But ultimately it’s down to you. Go at your own pace, be accountable to yourself. Don’t let you down because you are the key to unlocking your own potential.

Right I think I better try and get some sleep now. I want to be here to help anyone out there reading my blog. I know I am one out of millions of people blogging but I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read this and I would appreciate it even more if you could subscribe to the blog below to keep receiving more posts like this one! Stay strong and positive and I’ll see you on the next one.

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started’

Mark Twain

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