What I’ve learnt in lockdown

Hi, everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I want to talk about lockdown (dun dun dunnnn) These have been challenging and scary times for everyone, with so many restrictions in place. Even though it has been for the safety of everyone, it has had a big strain on people mentally. Trying to get yourself out of bed even though there’s nothing to get up for. Unless you have kids or you still have work to go to or you’re working from home. Regardless, it has been a mental battle for everyone.

I’ve found myself in a constant state of confusion. What day is it? What time is it? Did I shower already? Probably not!
I’m currently unemployed so I have nothing to go back to when restrictions are eased. But this time to reflect has had its positives. I’ve had time to do things I’ve always wanted to do. Below are some area’s I have been working on.

Leaning a new language
When I hear people speak Spanish, it just sounds so sexy! I don’t think i’ll ever sound sexy when I speak it but I thought I’d try. So I downloaded a free language app called Duolingo. I highly recommend it by the way, it’s an interactive app, playing games and learning at the same time. Which is perfect for me. So I’ve learnt some basics, and the confidence with speaking will come in time I hope. But this is a start. Spanish in progress.

Exercise and diet
Next I needed to get back to some sort of exercise. I just started to get into a good rhythm before lockdown. But since then I sat on the sofa everyday feeling uninspired eating anything and everything. So I decided to buy some equipment, which wow was not cheap. But I split the costs with my dad and my cousin next door. (we share the same garden) So that brought down the costs. It was just a simple bench, a couple of bars and some plastic weight plates. Even then getting in a rhythm was hard. The bar weighed nothing (normally a standard Olympic bar in a gym is about 20kg) which meant more weight plates had to go on, but then I could only fit a certain amount as the plates were quite chunky. But I did what I could for a while, tried to get myself into a routine. I was doing okay but to me it didn’t compare to going to gym.
Luckily when we were allowed to go to someone else’s house well their garden. I started training at my uncles house as he had a gym built in the back garden. It was a godsend! I know that everyone won’t have this luxury, but my point is, getting myself into a simple routine lifted my spirits a lot.
Then I went onto cleaning my diet up a little bit, starting with the basics. Cutting out bad snacks and replacing them with healthier options, being mindful of my portion sizes and sticking to a rough number of calories per day. I used to be a personal trainer so I just tried to bring that knowledge back and it did help. If anyone needs any other tips comment down below and I’ll include some more information on a future blog.

Mmmm Bread
I started baking breads towards the end of last year, and loved it. There was something about spending so much time on one thing, then when it came out and it was delicious. I just wanted to do more and who doesn’t love homemade bread! So after I could get my hands on some flour I was making it once a week, sometimes twice, trying new recipes and it was always eaten in my house so it was great! If anyone is interesting in learning how to make bread, I’m no master, but I do have a few tips I’ve learnt along the way from my own mistakes. If you want to know more comment down below and I’ll get something written up 🙂

I’ve come back to the question of my future a lot this lockdown, and I mean a lot. Constantly looking on job websites, applying, hearing nothing back then thinking do I really want to work for a company where to them I’m just expendable, and the answer is a bit fat NO! So I’ve been trying to find alternative avenues where I could earn money. I have always wanted to work for myself, set my own rules. Creating a brand, being in charge of it. But it’s just finding a product I can create that would benefit the public. This is where many of my self development and motivation books come in handy. They don’t give me the answers, that would be too easy. But they do give me a push and urge to find that thing I want to do. When I do have a solid idea in place I will share it with you all, as I said before I want it to be something that will benefit you the readers. So stay tuned for this, I’m hoping to develop my plan even more in the near future and share it with you all!
FYI I really recommend Rich20Something by Daniel Piazza if you also want help in this area. His book is amazing!
Check out my reading list for more recommendations – https://abitaboutme.com/2020/07/04/my-reading-list/

I think the point I’m trying to make in this blog is to use the time you have to develop yourself and your skills. Having a variety can be so important, especially if you’re in a similar position to me. You never know when you can turn your hobby/skill into a side hustle and get more money in for yourself and maybe even make it your main stream of income. It’s time well spent. Always think of yourself as an ongoing project. Like a flower, water it consistently and it will blossom into something beautiful and amazing!
Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on the next one. Adiós amigos.

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I’m here for all you readers who want to learn and grow me with me.

‘Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

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